“For those who appreciate art, there is nothing more satisfying than variety – the opportunity to view diverse expressions in technique and style. But, for the artist – and me, in particular – it’s quite the opposite. While appreciating artistic expression in all its forms, my objective has always been to innovate an individual identity – a style, a medium, a technique, a viewpoint that is distinctively my own.  My goal has always been to create a lifetime body of work that will stand out, be recognized and appreciated as a one-of-a-kind “Mike Hale.” To achieve this, I continually push the material boundaries in composition, technique and the application of mediums. Looking back, my time spent painting smaller works on paper served as a prologue to my larger pieces. The spontaneity and uninhibited approach to those pieces allowed me to experiment at little cost. Along the way, I discovered methods and materials that have become intrinsic elements of my later, larger works.

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