My Work today embodies a unique artistic irony: that is, my artistic identity is best created through destruction. The essential aspect of my paintings is the unusual beauty that is found beneath the surface. Arbitrary uncovered layers of color, foils and tactile relief become an interlaced part of the work. The viewer is intrigued and compelled to touch the surface, investigate the textures and follow the paths.

Through a unique process I call “flashback,” I use a sanding technique to expose hidden earlier stages of the painting and transfer them to the foreground.

Other aspects of the surface are the underlying currents that flow across the canvas as a repeating pattern, a resonating temporal pulse, an expression of time and movement. My work is also inspired by my interest in composing music, and I have begun to incorporate my understanding of tempo into my paintings. In future works, I envision merging sound and other forms of interaction.

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